Easy Life

The "Easy Life" catalog offers high-quality, low-maintenance fabrics that resist stains and liquids while also being durable.

Stain resistance

The fabrics in the Easy Life collection are not simply stain-resistant – they eliminate the existence of stains. The fabric’s protective barrier, created in an innovative manufacturing process, efficiently protects against hard-to-remove stains. With Easy Life, life’s trivial problems remain… trivial!

Soft and stylish

The Easy Life collection has an entirely new, delightful feeling of softness. The unique texture, stylish design, and range of colors create the perfect balance. The incredible softness of the fabrics remains throughout the life of the fabric. Enjoy luxury and a whole new feeling with the Easy Life collection.

Liquid resistance

Fabrics from the Easy Life collection withstand everyday accidents. Liquids are retained on the surface of the fabric, which makes cleaning easier. Even hard-to-clean liquids such as coffee and wine can be wiped off with a cloth. If stains remain, they are removed with a sponge moistened with soapy water.

Easy maintenance

The fabrics in the Easy Life collection are designed to resist stains and lubricants. Food and drink stains such as milk, coffee, wine, chocolate, ketchup, mustard, pencil, lipstick, and other stains can be removed with a cloth dampened with soapy water. The fabrics can also be washed and dried in the washing machine, and they never shrink or curl.

Incredible durability

Easy Life collection engineers have carried out intensive, long-term tests to check the durability of the fabrics. These fabrics have withstood the extremely rigorous wear test of more than 100,000 Martindale cycles, so they meet the highest durability standards.


All fabrics in the Easy Life collection meet the highest Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test criteria and are marked with the textile trust mark. It is used worldwide as a synonym for responsible textile production, starting with the raw materials and ending with the final product in the furniture store.

We constantly strive to meet and even exceed all necessary environmental protection requirements and thus take care of the future of the Earth. And we also invite all fabric manufacturers to join this initiative!

Cleaning instructions

First step
Immediately remove the largest dirt and dry the area with a dry cloth;

Second step
Spray a little soapy water solution on the remaining stain and gently rub in a circular motion with a clean cloth or toothbrush to avoid damaging the fluff. Clean from the edges of the stain towards the center to avoid the halo effect;

The third step
Dry with a dry cloth after pressing, and when the fabric is dry, comb the fluff with a soft brush to make it soft again.

Note: Use only water-soluble cleaners. Never use petroleum-based or alcohol-based cleaners such as dichloroethylene or turpentine.